Training courses and workshops on Procurement

Dealing with procurement

+CLICK! is specialised in practical training courses and workshops on procurement for sales people. When you have followed one of the +CLICK! training courses you will have learned in a fast and structured way how purchasing really works. You will be able to apply your knowledge immediately and effectively. The reason why +CLICK! training courses are so effective, besides their practical nature, is the easy and structured way the subject matter is presented, enabling you to easily reproduce and apply it yourself. The training courses are given by trainers who themselves have at least 20 years of experience in their field. This is also the reason why the training courses and workshops can easily be tailored to your wishes, branch of product range.

Training Courses for Sales + Marketing

Training courses for sales and marketing people as well as account managers who would like to learn in a short space of time how purchasing works.

    • ‘Dealing with Procurement’: one day. Step into the shoes of the purchaser. Learn how a purchaser thinks and acts.
    • ‘Lead Generation’: one day. Find leads and turn them into prospects and customers by using their purchasing strategy.

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Training courses on Purchasing

Training courses on purchasing last at least one day resulting in an actual product. The acquired knowledge is used to create a plan or document which can be used in practice.

  • ‘Category Management’: three days, for experienced purchasers and managers. During this training course a category plan will be made.
  • ‘Basic Purchasing’: one day, for junior purchasers. During this training course a handbook on purchasing will be compiled.
  • ‘Purchase strategy’: one day, for experienced purchasers. During this training course a purchase strategy will be made.

Purchasing workshops

The workshops last halve a day. Goal of the workshop is to develop practical skills and are meant for teams or project groups.

Training Purchasing for Sales

  • ‘Negotiation game’: learn hands on how to negotiate and cooperate! The element of competition makesit very realistic.
  • ‘Basic purchasing’: How to purchase? The basic elements of purchasing explained in a practical manner.
  • ‘Purchasing strategy’: develop a purchasing strategy which will be backed by your company.


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